04/25/2013 12:20 EDT | Updated 06/25/2013 05:12 EDT

Gang police carry out raids in Toronto, Peel, and Hamilton

Overnight raids resulting from about a dozen warrants executed in Toronto, Peel Region, and Hamilton have led to several arrests and the seizure of drugs and weapons, police say.

Peel police's street gang unit arrested two brothers at a Brampton, Ont., home shortly before midnight Wednesday where they found two firearms, several rounds of ammunition, prohibited magazine clips and cocaine.

Yassine Nahi, 22, and Zakaria Nahi, 18, were both arrested and charged with numerous firearms offences.

The older Nahi was also under a firearm prohibition order for previous crimes, and will face drug trafficking charges, according to police.

Among the items seized as evidence:

- CZ 858 Semi-Automatic 7.62 rifle.

- Two prohibited magazine clips each containing 30 rounds of 7.62-mm ammunition.

- 120 additional rounds of 7.62-mm ammunition.

- Browning 12-gauge sawed-off shotgun.

- 38 rounds of 12-gauge ammunition.

- Eight grams of cocaine.

Arrests in Toronto

Unrelated to the Brampton arrests, Toronto police's guns and gang unit also raided a townhouse complex near Morningside Avenue and Finch Avenue East, where a man and a woman were taken into custody.

Toronto police's Emergency Task Force Unit surrounded the home on Forest Creek Pathway early this morning before a man and woman were brought out in handcuffs.

A total of six warrants were executed in Toronto, three in Peel Region, and three in Hamilton.

Const. Debbie MacGreal Dinning of Hamilton police confirmed that officers were involved in local raids but she didn't have information on arrests.

Police are expected to provide more details on the raids Thursday afternoon and would only say the arrests were focused on drug trafficking.