04/25/2013 06:34 EDT | Updated 06/25/2013 05:12 EDT

Quebec promises $92B in infrastructure spending over 10 years

The Quebec government has announced a ten-year plan to spend $92 billion on roads and other public infrastructure projects.

Treasury Board President Stéphane Bédard said by planning for the long term, the government will be better able to control costs and plan for new expenses.

He said the former Liberal government made a practice of announcing major infrastructure projects without ensuring it had the money to pay for them.

"Today we're putting honesty back into infrastructure projects," Bédard said.

He said the government will introduce a bill soon that will enable it to exercise more control over all public works projects. He said the bill will give the national assembly oversight over major projects and subject those projects to annual reviews.

60,000 jobs a year

Bédard said this will help restore confidence in public works and end corruption. He predicted the ten-year plan would create or maintain 60,000 jobs a year.

"We're getting nothing," Coalition Avenir Québec Treasury Board critic Christian Dubé said about Bédard's announcement.

He said he would have expected at least a basic list of the prospective projects.

"Where is that boulevard? Where is that hospital?" Dubé asked. "I mean, the principle is okay but the devil is in the details, and we don't have the details."