TORONTO - Don Cherry hasn't changed his mind — he still doesn't believe women should be in men's locker-rooms.

The CBC hockey commentator reiterated his opinion Wednesday during his Coach's Corner segment of "Hockey Night in Canada."

Cherry defended himself as the first coach in a major sports league to let women in the locker-room, which he did in the 1970s when former New York Times reporter Robin Herman covered the Boston Bruins.

But Cherry said he wouldn't do that if he were coaching today.

"Why have I changed my mind? I'll tell you why I've changed my mind. I have seen things and I have heard of things that go on in the dressing room, when the women are in there, are disgusting," said Cherry, who added interviews with female reporters should take place in another room.

"If (players are) going to act the way they act ... not everybody, you would not want your daughter or your sister in there. Believe me."

Cherry's broadcast partner Ron MacLean again disagreed.

"You can't have that though," said MacLean. "It's an office space. The players have got to obey the law. The reporters have to have their workplace."

"I don't care what it is," replied Cherry. "I don't think women should be in there. ... You have to have respect for women and that's the way I feel."

Cherry's initial comments went viral Saturday after he discussed a controversy surrounding Chicago's Duncan Keith. The Blackhawks' defenceman was criticized last week for delivering what some considered a sexist post-game putdown in Vancouver to radio reporter Karen Thomson of Team 1040.

Keith later apologized for the exchange, but Cherry said Thomson should never have been in the locker-room to begin with.

The segment was debated on social media with some accusing Cherry of being sexist while others suggested there is a double standard.

Cherry won't be reprimanded by the CBC. A spokesman said Monday that Cherry doesn't speak for the public broadcaster, and added there are no plans to discipline him.

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  • Benoit Joncas

    Still trying to understand the controversy surrounding the Don Cherry comment about not letting women in the locker room! @CoachsCornerCBC

  • rimaaa

    don cherry wear normal clothes before you go around oppressing women. #smh

  • Emily Coombes

    I fully agree with Don Cherry's comments last night. Women athletes wouldn't want male reporters in the change rooms.

  • Hal Booker

    Who cares what Don Cherry said about women in NHL dressing rooms. He's a dinosaur in a garish suit - why would they report it as "news"?

  • Arch

    Honestly, Don Cherry is from an age where it wasnt right for women to be in locker rooms, serve in the military, and all sorts of other shit

  • Ryan Hancock

    If you still have any respect left for Don Cherry after his comments about women in dressing rooms this weekend...I can't even.

  • Kyle Trojan Murphy

    Kind of agree with Don Cherry. No women reports in men's dressing room, just as no men reporters in women's dressing room. Not sexist at all

  • Steve Sabados

    Don Cherry getting ripped for saying women reporters shouldnt be let in mens change rooms. Are male reporters let in female rooms? #equality

  • Courtney Bennett

    Don cherry said it best "women are above us , they are on a pedestal"

  • Kevin Foster

    @JackRegina Don Cherry also said male reporters shouldn't be allowed in a women's locker room.

  • John James

    Don Cherry makes a comment about how women shouldn't be allowed in men's locker rooms and women's right's groups go nuts about equality...

  • Robin Harper

    If Don Cherry doesn't want women in locker rooms where will the Montreal Canadiens get dressed? #peskysens #gosensgo @NHL_Sens

  • Drew Dalby

    Interesting to see that a lot of the people who think Don Cherry was right on Saturday are women. Did not expect that.

  • Charlie Hogarth

    Ron Maclean's reaction to Don Cherry saying no women in the locker room is absolutely priceless #HNIC

  • John Donofrio

    I agree with Don cherry girl reporters shouldn't be allowed in the dressing room .. Not a place for women trust!! #nodisrespect