HEPBURN, Sask. - Residents of Hepburn, Sask., have voted in a referendum to legalize the sale of alcohol in the town's one Co-op grocery store.

Unofficial results show the yes vote edged the no vote by 10 per cent of the 264 ballots cast.

However, the final decision to grant a licence for a liquor franchise is up to the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority.

Some people in the town, which was founded by members of the Monnonite Bretheren around 1900, say they are disappointed at the outcome.

Verna Paetkau, 82, says in her Mennonite heritage drinking is not socially acceptable.

She says she's heard from many people she knows that they will boycott the Co-op store if it starts selling alcohol.

"We've had trouble with alcoholism in our families in the past that has broken people apart and for that reason we don't (drink)," she said.

"My life won't change at all. It's just that we'll probably see more beer bottles on the street than we have in the past."

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