TORONTO - Ontario's minority Liberals have presented the 2013-2014 budget that will need the support of at least one of the opposition parties for it to pass.

The Progressive Conservatives have already vowed to vote against the budget.

Here's a list of what the NDP has demanded and what the Liberals have promised in the budget:


_ NDP: 15 per cent cut to auto insurance premiums by the end of 2013.

_ Budget: the government pledged to legislate an average 15 per cent cut in auto insurance premiums, but doesn't say over what period of time.


_ NDP: $195 million over two years for helping young people get career opportunities, an investment they said would create 25,000 jobs.

_ Budget: $295 million over two years that will lead to the creation of 30,000 jobs.


_ NDP: Allow social assistance recipients to keep 100 per cent of the first $200 they earn each month.

_ Budget: $200 monthly earning exemption and a one per cent social assistance rate increase.


_ NDP: Five-day home care guarantee for seniors.

_ Budget: No guarantee, but an increase of funding to $185 to reduce wait times for seniors needing home care and $75 million to expand community care.


_ NDP: Eliminate corporate tax loopholes.

_ Budget: Proposing legislation to introduce new disclosure rules for aggressive tax avoidance transactions.


_ NDP: Permanently restrict HST input tax credits.

_ Budget: Province has asked the federal government to delay input tax credits until 2017-2018.


_ NDP: Eliminate the Employer Health Tax exemption on the first $400,000 of payroll for companies that have a payroll of over $5 million.

_ Budget: Eliminate the exemption for businesses with payroll over $5 million and increase the exemption for small businesses from $400,000 to $450.000. By 2019, the threshold is expected to reach $500,000.


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