Edmonton was the country's hot spot and beat a nearly 50-year record on Monday, getting up to 29.7 degrees

The mercury climbed to it highest point so far this season over the weekend, and continued inching upward Monday.

Edmonton was on record-breaking pace in the morning, expecting to get near 30 degrees Monday afternoon, while in Calgary the highs are forecast to reach 26 degrees, according to Environment Canada.

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  • Ajay Vignesh

    #Weather going upto 30 deg today.Feeling bit emotional to see the numbers after so long time. #YEG

  • Bretton Weir

    Well #yeg, when you want the weather to be nice, it is gorgeous #yegweather

  • Edmonton Motors

    Hey, #yeg! Howzabout that weather we got here? We may have missed out on Spring, but Summer's okay, too!

  • Becky Christine

    Alright #yeg let's get this heat tantrum over with. I am one of those people that prefer your snownado's to your 30 degree weather. Fml

  • Beverly Cure-Hryciuk

    +30!? Is environment Canada telling the truth?! #weather #yeg

  • Steph Herself

    Going outside to get lunch is the best decision I've made all day! #yeg #weather

  • Chad Saunders

    Set your watches and timers - We are exactly 50 hours away from some one complaining about the #yyc weather.

  • Mike Meyer

    go figure, travel all the way to #LAX and the weather's nicer in #YYC

  • Hardave Birk

    @hesstruck_ its plus 24 here, sunny and blue skies. #YYC is killing the weather game right now!!

  • Cookies on the Go

    So excited for the warm weather! Now you can REALLY take those Cookies on the Go! Happy Monday, friends! #yyc

  • chethiya

    Beauty weather today and am stuck in class :( #yyc #SoNice

  • Calgary Food Trucks

    How much are you loving this weather is #YYC?

  • brittany borovsky

    Yo dude in thick leather jacket on #yyc #transit, do you not see or feel the weather outside? You must be boiling. @calgarytransit

  • VitaminDaily Calgary

    Looking forward to an amazing week of fabulous weather & more patios! #yyc

  • jessica lambert

    The weather puts me in such a great mood ☀ #yeg

The hot temperatures will also bring UV index of six, which is considered high.

And while the weather won't be so warm throughout the week, communities across the province will still see highs in the mid-teens to low-20s from Tuesday to Friday, Environment Canada added.

Southern cities and towns like Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and Pincher Creek can look forward to more scorching weather next weekend, when temperatures will climb into the high 20s again.

The Edmonton record for May 6 is 28.3 degrees, set in 1966, while the Calgary record for May 6 is 28 degrees, set in 1891.

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