A Toronto Maple Leafs fan who held up a "Toronto Stronger" sign outside of the Air Canada Centre during Game 3 on Monday night has caused anger in Canada and the United States.

The sign, inspired by the Boston Strong message that spread after the Boston Marathon bombing, was spotted by various sports journalists and members of the crowd in Toronto.

Not surprisingly the reaction online was fierce and hostile. See some of the reaction in our slideshow below.

"Toronto Stronger? C'mon guys figure it out that's not right #Classless," tweeted @For_The_Boys

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  • Brandon Sleik

    Heard and read about the "Toronto Stronger" sign. Absolutely classless. Can't blame a whole city for one moron though.

  • dmartella12

    Did anyone have a chance to talk to that "Toronto Stronger" idiot? And by talk to I mean punch in the neck?

  • hannah

    What's so bad about a "Toronto stronger sign" if you're insulted you're extremely over sensitive

  • Katie Ingegneri

    Dick move from the Canadians who brought "Toronto Stronger" signs to Bruins game. You guys are better than that! #loveBoston #loveCanada

  • Joe Dineen

    How has the Toronto Stronger guy avoided identification so far? What's happened to the manhunting internet I know?

  • Shawn Martin

    Thanks to the jackass with the "Toronto Stronger" sign, Toronto fans are now seen as insensitive, on top of gullible, suckers, etc. #NHL

  • Quinn Smith

    My goodness. This "Toronto Stronger" crisis has everyone in an uproar. However, don't pit an entire nation as "assholes" for one dumbass.

  • Marc

    Can we agree that the Toronto Stronger guy and Unsportsmanlike Stair-Pushing Bruins Fan are both classless and thoughtless people?

  • Mohsin Khan

    Toronto stronger? Really? making our city look bad #classless

  • Oscar Omar Fernandez

    To the Maple Leafs fan that brought the "Toronto Stronger" sign last night, you make hockey fans look heartless. #fu

  • Puck In Toronto

    Boston fans bitching about #torontostronger umm do you not remember calling joel ward a nig last year yeah settle down

  • Jeremy Desrochers

    I HATE how ALL #Leafs fans get painted with the same brush. Not EVERY fan had or supported a #torontostronger sign at the game. #onebadapple

  • Pion Dhaneuf

    lol ... best comment about #TorontoStronger -- "After 9 years, it would appear his playoff trash talk is just a bit rusty"

  • Dan Condon

    There's no way I can still cheer for the Leafs after that #TorontoStronger sign..

  • Sasha Madhavji

    Everything that the rest of Canada makes fun of Ontario for, can be summed up in a Leafs fan. #TorontoStronger?

  • daddyfiles

    I guess in Canada #TorontoStronger means getting your asses kicked 5-2. #leafs #bruins #BOSTONstrong

What this unsuspecting Leafs fan also didn't realize is that the sign raised the ire of Boston's prickly and highly dedicated sports fans. Some suggested that the body of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the dead Boston bombing suspect, be buried in Toronto. Authorities in Massachusetts are having a difficult time finding a graveyard that will take Tsarnaev's body.

Other Boston fans had fun with Photoshop and created other fake signs.

But the most moving reaction to the sign may have come from Sarah Connors at SB Nation.

"For you to try to co-opt that for a stupid sporting event? For you to take to twitter and make light of our suffering over a HOCKEY GAME?

It's heartbreaking. Nothing short of heartbreaking," she writes on the site.

The Bruins won Game 3, 5-2 and spoiled the Leafs first home playoff game in nine years. Boston leads the series 2-1.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story named the original sign Boston Stronger. It is Boston Strong.

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