05/08/2013 03:07 EDT | Updated 07/08/2013 05:12 EDT

Kindergarten will be farther away for some South Shore kids

In September the parents of almost 200 children on the South Shore will have to travel farther to take their kids to kindergarten.

Marie Victorin School Board's transportation director, Pierre Volcino, says the board has run out of space for the children.

Volcino listed two reasons for the problem. He says there's an increase in the amount of young families moving into the area as well as a provincially-mandated reduction in student-teacher ratios.

Because of the changes, Volcino says schools in Saint Lambert and Brossard can't accomodate all of their applicants and as a result, for the first time the board will be sending students to schools outside their home cities.

Volcino says 41 children from Saint-Lambert will be sent to kindergartens in Brossard. Another 150 children living in Brossard will have to travel to St-Hubert.

"The parents don't like to go to other towns but we don't have a choice because we don't have room for them," he says.

Volcino says a new school will be built in Brossard but that won't create more places for children until 2014.