CALGARY - A man charged in the stabbing death of a junior high school science teacher in Calgary has made a brief court appearance.

Nicholas Rasberry, who is 30, appeared via video and stood quietly while his lawyer asked that the case be adjourned to May 23.

Rasberry is charged with second-degree murder.

Harvey (Craig) Kelloway, who was 31, was stabbed during a fight at a neighbour's home on Saturday night.

Police say Kelloway had first met the neighbour earlier in the day.

A 911 call was made from inside the suspect’s house, but police haven’t said who made the call.

Rasberry's lawyer said outside court Wednesday that his client was doing as well as can be expected "given the background of the event and his personal background."

Alain Hepner said the crime isn't in keeping with what he knows about Rasberry.

"He has no (criminal) history and I know he's not known to police at all," said Hepner. "He was a professional engineer working in the oil industry."

Family members say Kelloway is survived by his girlfriend and a young son.

The teacher moved to Calgary from Cape Breton, N.S., six years ago after graduating from St. Francis Xavier University and Acadia University.

Hepner said he is waiting for disclosure from the Crown and hopes to get the whole story soon.

"I'm sure there's a strange backstory. I'm just getting as much information as possible so I can put the whole puzzle together."

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