05/09/2013 10:06 EDT | Updated 07/09/2013 05:12 EDT

OPP testing unmanned flying drone

The Ontario Provincial Police is testing a remote-controlled drone as a way to give them an extra pair of eyes in the sky while investigating accidents.

Roughly resembling a model helicopter, the drones are about a metre wide, have four fixed arms and a camera attached.

Police tested the drone at Tuesday’s collision on Highway 404 near Bloomington Road.

“It's a test project right now,” said OPP Sgt. Dave Woodford.

Woodford said the drone will be used to take aerial shots after a crash.

“It will be able to map and take photos of the whole scene and hopefully down the road open up these highways a lot sooner than we normally see,” he said.

Halton Police have a drone, which has been used to locate marijuana grow ops.

But Peel and Toronto police departments currently don't have them.

Spokesman Mark Pugash said Toronto Police Service is looking at the technology.

“We have to keep an eye on technology and identify which technology can help us but in that area there would have to be considerable work done on protecting people's privacy,” he said.

The mini choppers are illegal in the U.S.

In Canada, each flight needs Transport Canada approval though police have blanket permission.