05/10/2013 03:39 EDT | Updated 07/10/2013 05:12 EDT

Helmet cam records bus vs. scooter collision

A man who records his scooter trips with a helmet camera posted footage online of his collision with a TransLink 99 B-Line bus earlier this week in Vancouver.

In his YouTube post, Mark Jarder said he was turning left off West Broadway Avenue on his Honda gas scooter at the end of a light cycle when the bus and his scooter met up.

In the video, Jarder goes flying and lands on Cambie Street, where several witnesses come to his aid.

Jarder said his traffic light was stale amber when the incident happened. He points to a still from the slow-motion replay of the video that shows a red light visible to traffic on Broadway.

In a note posted on Facebook to GoPro, the company that made his helmet camera, Jarder thanks the company for the tool.

"The GoPro was attached on the top front of my full face motorcycle helmet... I was using a GoPro Hero 3 and I just wanted to let you know... I was so happy that your product delivered what you said it can do and it was reliable to be able to capture this accident that happened to me," he wrote.