While the love for bacon might be reason enough to wear a bacon suit, Trevor Gibbons decided to participate in Calgary's burger week wearing one.

"My friends always ask me where the best burger is," says Gibbons, so he declared himself an unofficial judge and ate every participating burger in the challenge.

Calgary's burger week is a culinary battle between 16 restaurants, all looking to win the title of Calgary's best burger. Each restaurant has partnered with a charity and a dollar from every burger sold is donated to it.

Gibbons has tried almost half the burgers in the bacon suit and when he's at work opts for "meat socks," to represent his love for hamburgers.

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  • Bacon suit and dog park equals #badidea #1 #darwinism #whatwasithinking #unofficialjudge

  • @terrylo_calgary @yycburgerweek building a great burger is about the accessories, like being a great burger judge pic.twitter.com/HmTzzR3pAK

  • A Man With A Plan

    @YYCBurgerWeek schedule done! Hungry now! #yycburger #yyceats #loveCDNbeef pic.twitter.com/pJ9xe0FIk5

  • @YYCBurgerWeek and GO! #yycburger #loveCDNbeef #unofficialjudge pic.twitter.com/AqzCVUlYq8

  • @YYCBurgerWeek Great unique creation @missiondiner a burger cocktail with a Cesar perfect to way kick off #yycpatio pic.twitter.com/sj2AOVOVNO

  • @YYCBurgerWeek @DairyLane is going to raise a ton of money for @brownbaggingit with that amazing burger #yycburger pic.twitter.com/muRsO6nQAI

  • @80thandIvy #yycburger was a real treat go with the day veg. @chef_b_fresh great job & great staff. @honens pic.twitter.com/msCPXrdzUB

  • @YYCBurgerWeek Well @NotableCalgary #yycburger was delicious & great company w/ @terrylo_calgary. <3 @YYCConnecTeen pic.twitter.com/FTahdr37vU

  • Had a amazing #yycburger @Ship_and_Anchor complete w/ duck phat (?) so GOOD supported @AAFSCalgary #unofficialjudge pic.twitter.com/AOB7Qwcq96

  • @Roosevelt933 BIGASS #yycburger fitting name & great #yycpatio. Supports @brownbaggingit so GOOD! #unofficialjudge pic.twitter.com/00G5bJkTJN

  • @Downtownfood breaded poached egg on their #yycburger #nomnom. #howdtheydothat @cfcalgary #loveCDNbeef pic.twitter.com/4OuUTIk6JC

  • I am in "disguise" for some of my #yycburger lunches. Still I wear something #beefy. #loveCDNbeef #unofficialjudge pic.twitter.com/IllYf2sWew

  • @YYCBurgerWeek finished the MONSTER @FineDinerYYC #yycburger with a kick & avocado @AAFSCalgary #unofficialjudge pic.twitter.com/glQqDuJD7v

  • .@YYCBurgerWeek just finished the @MurdochsBar #yycburger to support @MadebyMomma. You got to try! #unofficialjudge pic.twitter.com/42IZsUvw6L

  • @YYCBurgerWeek @Market17Calgary has a #yycburger for lunches only with homemade pickles. #jartogoplease @Pacekids pic.twitter.com/qtbUQjFu1t

  • @YYCBurgerWeek @loungeburger has this #yycburger but today is the last day to get it & you're supporting @Pacekids pic.twitter.com/FnDr6PNlP4

  • @YYCBurgerWeek Get down to @BlackBettyYYC for the last day of #yycburger week. And help support @MadebyMomma pic.twitter.com/R3Xrs75GYa

"There is such a thing as meat sweats," he says about his week-long endeavour. "It's not a rumour."

Gibbons has eaten many burgers at the participating restaurants and occasionally gets them delivered to work. Still quiet about his favourite burger, he wanted to wait until he's tried them all to be fair, he says.

"They've all been phenomenal so far," he says, "Some restaurants I never thought of have a spectacular burger."

While he initially joked about taking "before" and "after" photos after eating so many burgers, he says eating those made with top quality meats and often with fresh ingredients has actually meant eating better.

Calgary burger week ran from May 3-10. Burger lovers can vote for their favourite burger online to crown Calgary's best burger.

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