Places in Brooklyn, New York, where a person can wear hipster glasses: Bowling alleys, coffee shops, vintage stores, parks, the Brooklyn Brewery.

Places in Brooklyn, New York, where a person cannot wear hipster glasses: Borough Park’s Bobover Yeshiva B’Nei Zion, an Orthodox school.

According to the New York Post, the school, which serves students from grades four through 12, asked parents to buy their children "simple glasses" only.

“What we have to commit ourselves to is we have to stand on top of this and not tolerate the new modernism," said a letter written in Yidish.

This "modernism" refers to the trendy thick-framed glasses that are becoming increasingly popular not just with hipsters but with celebrities including the sexy (and definitely not hipster) Scarlett Johansson, rehab frequenter Lindsay Lohan and even harem pants wearer, Justin Bieber.

Perhaps influenced by such celebs, the students flocked towards the thick-framed and multicolored glasses; glasses which, the letter says, “give the child a very coarse look."

“It doesn’t matter what age — a student cannot come to yeshiva with these glasses,” the letter says. Parents have been asked to exchange their childrens' current hipster specs for a less flashy pair.

The school better hope that their students stay far, far away from the Coachella music festival, which is home to many a hipster and their crazy spectacles.

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