05/14/2013 06:18 EDT | Updated 07/14/2013 05:12 EDT

Accident-prone cyclist loses court bid

An accident-prone cyclist has lost a B.C. Supreme Court bid to sue over three separate accidents, after he was caught swinging his walker into his truck, despite claiming to be disabled.

Marko Jurisevic has had a dozen accidents in the past 17 years, nine of them on his bike. The Vancouver carpenter claimed the collisions left him permanently disabled.

He sued three drivers, but Madam Justice Deborah Kloegman, ruled he was at fault.

Particularly revealing was surveillance tape preceding his dramatic arrival at a doctor's office with a walker, she wrote in her judgement.

"The surveillance tape shows him striding from his house to his truck, carrying a walker, lifting it above his head with ease and smoothly swinging it into the truck, jogging across the road back to his house, returning to the truck and climbing into it," Kloegman wrote.

"Yet when he arrived in the truck at the appointed location, he purported to need it to walk up the path to the doctor’s office," she added.

He was also seen rollerblading, walking with no apparent difficulty, and riding a bus.

Meanwhile, the defendants in two of the accidents claimed Jurisivic hit them.

The judge said he was riding illegally on the sidewalk in one case and allegedly looking the wrong way while turning a corner at high speed in another.