The world gasped last week when they found out that "New Girl" star Zooey Deschanel exists without bangs.

The brunette hottie attended the Met Gala on May 6 but went completely incognito as no one was able to recognize her without her signature hairdo.

Fans of Zooey-with-bangs shouldn't fret; the 33-year-old "She & Him" singer heard the outcry and went back to wearing her trademark hairdo at the Fox upfronts on May 13.

Still, we're worried that all the attention Zooey got from her bang-free hair will go to her head and cause her to chop off her bangs permanently!

Before this happens, we decided to gather a bunch of photos of Zooey's best hair looks, bangs included.

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  • Parted Bangs

    To be worn at brunch or at the Fox upfront (which is where Zooey wore this style).

  • Girly Bangs

    Must be styled with ultra curly locks.

  • I Don't Care About My Bangs

    If you don't feel like brushing your hair.

  • '50s Bangs

    When you want to channel Grace Kelly.

  • Pulled Back Bangs

    Only to be used when one is wearing pearls.

  • Real Housewives Bangs

    To be used when you don't really feel like being nice to anybody.

  • Happy Bangs

    Can only be worn with pink and curls à la Kate Middleton.

  • Casual Bangs

    For when you style your hair but forget to comb your bangs.

  • "Gossip Girl" Bangs

    To be worn with headbands, obviously.

  • Audrey Hepburn Bangs

    For when you want to take a trip to Tiffany's.

  • Skrillex Bangs

    You don't want to shave the side of your head so you just push your hair to one shoulder.

  • Ponytail Bangs

    For bad hair days.

  • Fancy Bangs

    The tight curls give your bangs some extra oomph.

  • Wig Bangs

    It is a wig, right?

  • Messy Bangs

    You just don't care anymore and want to cut them off.

  • Too Much Bang, Bangs

    If the bangs start to overpower the face, you know it's time for them to go.

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