The recent news of Sen. Mike Duffy being compensated $90,000 by Stephen Harper’s chief of staff Nigel Wright has sent the Twitter world into a frenzy of jokes, fury and brilliant hashtags.

Earlier today the beautiful, Barenaked Ladies-inspired tag #IfIhad90000 started picking up steam on Twitter.

Later, the National Post’s tweet-heavy Andrew Coyne began spewing golden Duffy pick-up lines, leading many on the social media website to chip in with their own Dufftastic deliveries.

Check out some of the highlights in the slideshow below.

Leave us your own Duffy pick -up lines in the comments section.

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  • Andrew Coyne

    You compensate me. #duffypickuplines

  • Talisman Belgraves

    I'd take you home but I can't remember where it is. #duffypickuplines

  • Shane Mackenzie

    "Say hello to my little friend... Actually, he's quite tall, name's Nigel, writes a mean cheque." #duffypickuplines #cdnpoli

  • Matt Garrow

    You had me at $90,000. #duffypickuplines

  • #DemandElxn42

    "I said I'll call you tomorrow and I am a man of my word." #duffypickuplines #cdnpoli

  • Andrew Fifield

    Put your purse away, I'll cover the cheque. Kidding! Am I Wright, folks? #duffypickuplines

  • Andrew Tumilty

    @acoyne Of course I'll respect you in the morning. No one else will respect either of us, but still #duffypickuplines

  • Dr.Dawg

    "Wanna meet Mr. Right?" #duffypickuplines

  • Luke Côté

    "Hey baby! Do you know a guy who will give you $90K for nothing? 'Cuz I do." #duffypickuplines

  • National Eric

    I'll show you white, hairless, and chubby #duffypickuplines

  • Maure_a_Ottawa

    #duffypickuplines" Senator Duffy working for you"

  • Luciano Massimo

    "If this doesn't work out, you're going to reimburse me for this date, right?" #duffypickuplines

  • Barb Hill

    What's 90K between friends? #DuffyPickUpLines

  • Mary Pynenburg

    #duffypickuplines "I'm Mr. Wright, or at least his friend, someone said you were looking for him?"

  • Jean-Sébastien Rioux

    The Senator Duffy-Nigel Wright stuff is serious; that said, what I like most about Twitter is the # of clever folks: #duffypickuplines

  • Sébastien Belliveau

    RT @AeneasCampbell: If I got a nickel for everyone I’ve met who is as beautiful as you, I’d have $90,000. #duffypickuplines

  • Gerry Porter

    I could spend the rest of my life in your red chamber. #duffypickuplines

  • KellyB

    Let's rearrange the Senate housing policy and put you and I together. #duffypickuplines

  • Gareth Perry

    I want you to verb my noun - and by verb I mean "write" and by noun I mean "cheque" #duffypickuplines #cdnpoli

  • Catelli NQU

    Hey baby, are you as trashy as my reputation? #duffypickuplines

  • Luciano Massimo

    "Here let me give you my number, and if anyone asks, here's my other number" #duffypickuplines

  • Gareth Perry

    It's wrong, but it feels so Wright. #duffypickuplines

  • KellyB

    Will you be my sober second thought? #duffypickuplines

  • Aeneas Campbell

    Can I have directions? ["To where?"] To your heart. And to Cavendish. #duffypickuplines

  • Luciano Massimo

    "Hi, can Nigel Wright buy you a drink on my behalf?" #duffypickuplines

  • Aeneas Campbell

    Baby, if you were words on a page, you’d be what they call fine print. Confusing, confusing fine print. #duffypickuplines

  • Tabatha Southey

    "Do you come here often enough to satisfy permeant residency requirements?" #duffypickuplines

  • Not Steve Harper

    #duffypickuplines Baby, you got the Wright stuff.

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  • Steve Ricketts

    #IfIHad90000 I'd buy you a nice fur coat, just like Tom Flanagan's (because that's cruel) #cdnpoli

  • Raymond Reid

    #ifihad90000 I'd buy an economic action plan ad. Jk, those cost millions... like twenty!

  • Raymond Reid

    #ifihad90000 I'd buy you a blue vest, but not a real blue vest that's cruel. And I don't actually wear vests, my warm centrist persona does.

  • Amanda

    #ifIhad90000 I sure in hell wouldn't be giving it to Mike Duffy! #Cdnpoli

  • Tracey Braun

    . #ifIhad90000 I'd fund a War of 1812 #cbc miniseries that was historically accurate - and to be proactive, one on WWI as well.

  • Raymond Reid

    #ifihad90000 I'd buy a mediocre journalist and make him into a senator.

  • Liam Lahey

    #IfIHad90000 I’d have one of Canada’s search & rescue helicopters pick me & my pals up to go fishing

  • Stephen Bailey

    #IfIHad90000 I'd buy an Economic Action Plan ad, But not a real Economic Action Plan ad because that's cruel

  • Liam Lahey

    #IfIHad90000 I’d buy property in PEI and I would actually spend time there too

  • Chris Turner

    #IfIHad90000 I'd buy you less than 1/10 of one percent of an F-35, because those things are crazy expensive / Like a Picasso or a Garfunkel

  • Victoria Pleavin

    #IfIHad90000 We wouldn't have to eat PEI Lobster / But we would eat PEI Lobster / Of course we would, we'd fly it in

  • Chris Turner

    #IfIHad90000 I'd buy you membership in the UN Convention to Combat Desertification / Haven't you always wanted a talkfest?

  • Paul Strachan

    #IfIHad90000 I'd still eat at Hy's..lunch AND supper..what's Kraft Dinner?

  • Matt Price

    I'd buy you a panda. Haven't you always wanted a panda? #IfIHad90000

  • Bernice Pontanilla

    #IfIHad90000 I'd buy Condy's looooooooove (as in Rice, ya'know!) #EhMacKay

  • Andrew Tumilty

    Aside from poking fun at Duffy, I imagine the hashtag #IfIHad90000 will have a lot of people contemplating Dijon Ketchup & tree forts today

  • Alex deVries

    Perhaps I'm the only one who wonders why a 67-year old making a 6 figure salary is in such a precarious financial situation... #ifihad90000

  • Bernice Pontanilla

    #IfIhad90000 Well, I’d buy you a monkey, Haven’t you always wanted a monkey? #NamedDuffyOfCourse #TrueLyrics

  • Bernice Pontanilla

    #IfIHad90000 I'd buy a potato patch, (but not a real potato patch, that's cruel) ... #EhMacKey