HAMILTON, Ont. —The young daughter of an Ontario man who was killed after posting his truck for sale online and taking a test drive with two men will grow up knowing how deeply he was loved, the man's wife vowed Wednesday.

Sharlene Bosma laid her anguish bare in a tearful public statement one day after police revealed that her husband Tim Bosma, 32, who had been missing since the test drive on May 6, is dead.

"Yesterday was the most horrifying day of my life and people tell me I have been so strong, and all I know is that I have a beautiful two-year-old girl at home who now needs her mommy more than ever and needs her mommy to hold it together, so I know that I cannot fall apart," she said.

"But I am broken because part of me is gone."

Police announced Tuesday that Bosma's remains were found in Waterloo Region, about 50 kilometres away from the Hamilton home he shared with his wife and young daughter.

His body was burned beyond recognition, police said. Still, Bosma said she was thankful.

"This was not our desired outcome," she said. "But I am still grateful to the police for finding him."

Bosma last saw her husband when he left on a test drive with two men who had contacted him about the pickup truck he had posted for sale online.

Hamilton police believe he was killed some time that night, though they don't know where and they don't know at what point his body was burned. But perhaps the biggest unanswered question at this point is why. Police have said they do not have a motive.

A Toronto man has been charged with first-degree murder. Police are still looking for a second man they say went along for the test drive of Bosma's 2007 Dodge Ram pickup, and at least one more suspect who they say followed behind the truck in another vehicle.

Dellen Millard, 27, looked tired and unshaven as he appeared in a Hamilton courtroom Wednesday. He was ordered detained until a bail hearing can be arranged, and will appear again by video remand on June 13.

His lawyer Deepak Paradkar said outside court that Millard will plead not guilty and is extremely concerned about the murder charge, adding his client is not used to jail and is in protective custody.

In court, Millard wore a rumpled white shirt and grey slacks and appeared to have dark circles under his eyes. He stood tall and straight while stating his name and was not wearing handcuffs.

Millard was arrested Friday and charged with forcible confinement and theft over $5,000. But in court Wednesday, the murder charge was added and the theft charge was changed to theft of a vehicle.

"There is a story behind this which I can't get into but obviously it's more than it appears to be," Paradkar said Wednesday after Millard appeared in court. He said it would likely be months before his client gets a bail hearing.

Millard's family is well-known in the area and has a storied past in aviation. When Millard was 14 he became the youngest Canadian to fly solo in both an airplane and a helicopter. His grandfather and father were also pilots.

"He was not hurting financially," the lawyer said. "The police have confirmed he had sufficient funds to easily purchase the truck had he wished to do so."

Paradkar called Millard a "very humble person ... an intelligent person and unassuming," adding he was not a "rich brat."

Meanwhile, about a dozen bouquets were piled up outside the Bosma family home, some with cards and notes of condolence.

"To the Bosma family, our hearts are so heavy for your loss," one read.

"Dear Tim, I do not know you but I am sorry for what happened to you. Please rest in peace," read another.

Sharlene Bosma thanked the public for the huge outpouring of support from the people who have spent hours volunteering, giving them food, flowers and cards, and keeping the case top of mind on social media.

"We know and take some comfort in that Tim has touched so many people and any words that I choose will never be able to truly express our gratitude," she said.

"It pains me to do so, but I must ask for your support and prayers for the hours and the weeks and even the years that lie ahead for us because this will never really be over for us."

Bosma nearly lost her composure when she recalled how her husband would watch their daughter sleep or chase her through the house to tickle her.

"She will know how much he was loved by me and his family, his friends and even perfect strangers," she said as her voice trembled.

"Tim will always be loved and he will always be remembered. And I love you Tim."

The family has set up a trust account where donations can be made for Sharlene Bosma and her daughter at TD Canada Trust branch 2047 account 6332096.

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    A trust fund has been set up for Sharlene Bosma and her daughter: TD Canada Trust Branch # 2047 / Account # 6332096.


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