05/16/2013 08:15 EDT | Updated 07/16/2013 05:12 EDT

Taxes on top of gas taxes outrage Taxpayers Federation

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is raising concerns about the level of taxes on gasoline and diesel fuels in B.C., saying drivers in Vancouver now pay the second highest taxes on fuel, after Montreal.

CTF federal director Gregory Thomas says consumers in Canada actually pay GST on the taxes they pay for fuel.

In B.C. the sales tax is calculated after the motor fuel tax, carbon tax and federal excise tax are added to the price of the fuel.

Those three taxes total 42 cents tax per liter in Greater Vancouver, 34 cents in Victoria, and 31 cents across the rest of B.C. – all before the GST is added on.

"The result has been governments collecting an extra $1.6 billion from unsuspecting motorists," says Thomas.

Thomas also also took aim at tax schemes designed to fund transit projects, citing Vancouver as an example that residents of other cities should worry about.

“In Vancouver, working families pay $551 extra, no matter how much money they earn. The further they need to drive to get to work or their kids to soccer games, the bigger the tax grab. It’s not a fair way to pay for multi-billion dollar transit projects.”

Thomas warned drivers in Toronto and other Canadian cities to reject new gas tax schemes, or “revenue tools.”

"City politicians look at the two-car family as a piggy-bank they can break open to pay for their new transit empires,” said Thomas.

Those who support gas taxes say they are a valuable way to pay for roads, bridges, transit and other public services.