05/19/2013 03:06 EDT | Updated 07/19/2013 05:12 EDT

Busy weekend for OPP at Wasaga Beach

The good weather has flooded the Wasaga Beach area with people seeking good times this weekend, though police say they are seeing some people enjoy themselves a little too much.

In just the first few hours of the holiday weekend, the OPP reported that 14 people ended up behind bars, mostly for alcohol-related offences.

OPP Const. Mark Kinney said a number of people were drinking too much and too quickly, doing things they would likely not be doing at home.

"If you're walking down your street at home, you wouldn't have an open bottle of alcohol with you. So, [for] heaven's sakes, why would you do it in the streets of Wasaga Beach?" Kinney said in a telephone interview.

In both Wasaga Beach and the nearby Springwater Township, police have also made numerous arrests for drug-related and impaired driving offences.

Kinney said police are reminding the public to respect the law and the communities they are visiting in Wasaga Beach and surrounding areas.

"Follow the laws and get home safe," Kinney said.

The town's website says that more than two million people visit Wasaga Beach each year.