Unknown Remains Found On Dellen Millard's Farm

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Flowers and cards are placed in front of Tim Bosma's home in Ancaster, Ont., Wednesday, May 15 2013. Dellen Millard has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Bosma, a southern Ontario father who disappeared after posting his truck for sale online and taking a test drive with two men. (THE CANADIAN PRESS//Dave Chidley) | CP

Police searching the farm of Dellen Millard, the 27-year-old charged with first-degree murder after the remains of Ancaster, Ont., man Tim Bosma were discovered, have found other remains on the property.

Forensic investigators are now working to determine whether the other remains are human or animal.

Police have previously said they discovered burned remains on the farm, and investigators say they are confident they belong to Bosma.

Earlier, police found an incinerator on the farm that they say Millard purchased last July. The machine, known as "The Eliminator," is used to cremate livestock, but police say Millard didn't own any animals.

Millard, the 27-year-old heir of a family aviation dynasty, was charged with kidnapping and killing Bosma after the husband and father disappeared after he went on a test drive May 6 with two men who answered an online ad. Police said earlier they were searching for other suspects.

Investigators said they're examining missing persons cases for potential connections with Millard. At the top of their list is 23-year-old Laura Babcock, who disappeared last summer and, according to friends of the woman, was once in a relationship with Millard.

At the time, police didn't consider the disappearance of Babcock suspicious.

Missing woman phoned Millard 8 times

Babcock's cellphone records show that shortly before she vanished, she had called him eight times.

CBC News contacted an ex-boyfriend of Babcock's who said he examined her phone bill for clues after she went missing and noticed several calls to Millard, a person Shawn Lerner said she had known "for several years."

Lerner said he brought the phone records to Millard and asked him about the nature of the phone calls while trying to investigate Babcock's disappearance.

"At first, he denied it. I had the phone bill on me and produced it," Lerner said. "Finally he relented and admitted that they did exchange calls. And [he] claimed that she was asking him for drugs and for a place to stay and that he didn't oblige either of those requests."

Millard's lawyer, Deepak Paradkar, says police have not questioned his client about Babcock's disappearance, and that Millard maintains his innocence in the Bosma case.

Police confirmed they are also investigating the apparent suicide of Millard's father last December.

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