The newest additions to the Calgary Stampede's 2013 midway have gotten bigger and wetter.

Stampede will feature a brand new Bell aqua ranch, a pool the size of a hockey rink, with daring, high-energy stunts on jet skis and a water display show, right in the middle of cowtown.

The aqua ranch will also host Out of the Blue, a water display show complete with water and lightning special effects, that will be synced to the finale of the famous TransAlta Grandstand Show fireworks.

Another new addition includes Mach 3, a "tummy tumbler" ride which will swing thrill-seekers around a full 360 degrees.

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  • Deep-fried bubblegum

  • Chocolate covered bacon

  • Deep-fried Doritos

  • Pickle shots for the brave. Also <a href="" target="_blank">a good chance it will help you with a hangover... </a>

  • Double smoked bacon wrapped cheese perogie skewer.

  • Idaho taco - a baked potato packed with all your favorite taco fixin's.

  • Godzilla mac and cheese - An Asian twist on a comfort food favourite. Topped with nori, teriyaki sauce and Japanese mayo.

  • Idaho nachos - Nachos prepared on waffle cut fries

  • Philly cheese steak

  • Chocolate-dipped bacon apple

  • Chocolate bacon fudge

  • Dessert fries - french fries topped with cinnamon and a side of frosting dip

  • Cake pops

  • Chocolate cinnamon bear fudge - sweet fudge topped with spicy candy

  • Frozen yogurt

  • Naaco TNT - A sweet, salty, spicy, fresh and crunchy puffed rice based salad from India. It is made by mixing a variety of vegetables, sauces/chutneys, spice powders, fresh herbs, lime and puffed rice together and serving it in a waffle cone.

  • Deep-fried Philly cheesesteak rollup - The traditional Philly cheesesteak sandwich, which gets rolled up and deep fried.

  • Deep-fried butter - Cubes of butter are tightly wrapped in homemade pie crust before being deep fried to perfection.

  • Deep-fried pickled green beans

  • Sweet corn corndog - Fresh sweet corn is husked, cut off the cob and added to traditional corndog batter to create a fresh twist on an old favourite.

  • B52 fudge

  • Chip dog

  • Cochinita Pibil - pork taco with Adobe lime salsa, lime, red onions and habaneros.

  • Deep-fried avocado

  • Deep-fried pie

  • Double-bacon corn dog

  • Egg roll on a stick

  • Elephant ear on a stick - dough is wrapped around bacon and bananas, deep fried and served on a stick

  • Flautas de pollo - rolled chicken tacos that are deep friend and with sour cream, lettuce and salsa on top

  • Chocolate-dipped jalapenos

  • Map of Stampede food locations

  • Shrimp chips

"Once Mach 3 begins, you better hold on tight because the arm will rotate up to 13 revolutions per minute, producing an acceleration of 3.5g on the riders,” says midway operations manager James Radke.

Other highlights at the 2013 Calgary Stampede include Saddledome Steps, a place where visiting bands from around will perform and carb-generous midway foods including deep-fried butter, chocolate covered bacon and pickle shots.

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