05/21/2013 11:20 EDT | Updated 07/21/2013 05:12 EDT

Goh Ballet could be without venue for Nutcracker production

Vancouver's Goh Ballet Academy could be looking for a new stage for its production of the Nutcracker this Christmas.

The venue, the Centre for the Performing Arts, is being sold to the Westside Church. Because of the sale, the ballet's contract has been cancelled.

Executive director Chan Hon Goh hopes the new owners agree to continue hosting the performance because she says it's the ideal stage for the show.

“The audience is able to enjoy quite an intimate and wonderful, clear view of the stage, so the experience for both the dancers as well as the audience is quite a wonderful match.”

Goh, who has performed on the stage as a principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada, is worried about the sale of the theatre — and not just for the sake of her own production.

“I don't know if there's another venue in Vancouver that will qualify for what they need,” she said.

“I mean, does that really mean that people living in the City of Vancouver will have to drive out to the Bell Centre [in Surrey] to catch a show? I certainly hope not.”

The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts opened in 1995 as the Ford Centre for Performing Arts, and cost more than $25 million to build. The 1,800-seat venue advertised itself as a destination for touring Broadway musical shows.

The Goh Ballet's 35-year anniversary show will still be held at the Centre for the Performing Arts on June 1.

Goh says the ballet will look for another venue for the Christmas Nutcracker production if the church doesn't agree to host the show.

Westside Church, which preaches conservative theology but distinguishes itself with a hip and technologically savvy approach to worship, told CBC News it had no comment.