05/22/2013 06:26 EDT | Updated 07/22/2013 05:12 EDT

Tornado touches down in Ontario town

Environment Canada confirms that a tornado touched down in Ontario on Tuesday afternoon, ripping the roof off a house and demolishing a barn.

Deb Craven says as soon as she saw the sky go dark she knew the storm system would be severe.

She says it sounded like a train coming through the Lindsay area — and when she came out of her basement her barn looked like a pile of wood.

"It was like it exploded."

Environment Canada isn't sure about the barn damage, but damage to a nearby home was caused by an EF-2 tornado.

David Brough's in-laws were home at the time.

When the elderly couple came outside to look at damage They noticed not only had the roof of the home been blown off, but their garage was also destroyed.

"It's crazy how fast it happened. The house was built 16 years ago. It was their dream home. They're devastated," said Brough.

Environment Canada investigators were at the home on Wednesday. They say wind speeds hit up to 200 km/h.

May 1, is typically the start of Ontario's tornado and storm season. Environment Canada says this could be a stormy summer.

"The dice seem to be loaded to give us a more than normal kind of summer, and that though comes with that possibility of severe weather," said Dave Phillips, chief climatologist for Environment Canada.

Residents say there needs to be better warning systems in place.

"It was like within a nanosecond it got bad — and you got going," said Craven.