05/24/2013 11:20 EDT | Updated 07/24/2013 05:12 EDT

Don Cherry: Media should give players time to cool off

Don Cherry warned the media about speaking with players immediately after a game.

"Smarten up and give them time to calm down," the Coach's Corner commentator said on Friday.

This in response to comments made by Ottawa Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson following a disappointing 7-3 loss against the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 4 on Wednesday night.

When asked if the team could win three games in a row to win the series, a candid Alfredsson replied, "Probably not. Their depth and power play right now, it doesn't look too good [for us]."

The Hockey Night in Canada commentator said it's tough to blame him for being a little emotional right after a playoff game.

"They're upset, the team just got blasted so [Alfredsson] says that. He knows he didn't mean that," he said. "But you can't say that, and he wouldn't say that if they weren't in [the dressing room] so soon."

Cherry felt New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist got the same rush treatment after a Game 1 overtime loss to the Boston Bruins last Thursday, which led to a testy response by the star netminder.

"I’ve got to be really careful to ask myself the right question there,” Lundqvist said, according to NBC Sports. “Because have I played bad in overtime? No. Can I score? No. Is it frustrating? Yes. It was terrible in overtime, but I’ve just got to stick with it, play my game and hopefully it will turn around."

Cherry thinks players like Alfredsson need some space to cool off before being approached by the media.

"You know his dedication. He was just saying what everybody's thinking."

Not MVP treatment

Cherry also chimed in on John Tortorella's decision to make Rangers forward Brad Richards a healthy scratch for an elimination game against Boston Thursday night.

"[Tortorella] has to do what he has to do," Cherry said. "But what bothers me about the whole thing is when he says, 'Brad Richards is a great player, Brad Richards is a friend of mine, I grew up with him.' All he's doing when he's saying that is burying Brad more and making himself look like a hero that he benched him and put some tough guys in … If you're gonna do that, keep your mouth shut.

"I don't think he should be burying guys, especially guys that are MVP of the National Hockey League."