05/26/2013 10:52 EDT | Updated 07/26/2013 05:12 EDT

Lisée pokes fun at language debate with Just For Laughs

Quebec's minister responsible for the anglophone community, Jean-François Lisée, is the star of a promotional video for Just For Laughs, alongside festival founder Andy Nulman.

In the video, posted on YouTube on May 24, Nulman and Lisée poke fun at the so called "pastagate," when language inspectors from the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) came under fire for cracking down on Buonanotte restaurant for the prominence of Italian words, including "pasta", on its menu.

"So where do you do your launch?" asks Lisée in the video.

"We're doing it at Buonanotte. Perhaps you've heard of it?" says Nulman.

"I hear they have great pasta there," says Lisée.

"I've heard rumours of such, yes," says Nulman.

"Rumours? It's international news! Who did their marketing campaign, Sid Lee?" asks Lisée.

"I'm not really sure, I think internal," says Nulman.

"It started with O, Q..." says Lisée, trailing off.

"The OQLF," Nulman responds.

"OQLF! These guys are great. And I hear they didn't charge anything in the end for that," says Lisée.

"No, from the goodness of their heart. Bénévole," says Nulman.

Lisée ends the video with another joke.

"Do you know the one about the PQ minister who was trying to woo the anglophone community?" asked Lisée. "It didn't work, he ended up making promos for Just For Laughs."

The festival runs from July 10 to 28.