05/28/2013 07:58 EDT | Updated 07/28/2013 05:12 EDT

9 ways to avoid counterfeit polymer bills

Since Canada's new polymer bills were released last year, 59 counterfeit versions of various denominations have been caught across Canada, according to the RCMP.

Sgt. Duncan Pound says people have become so confident the new bills can't be counterfeited that they are failing to check the security features.

Many of the fakes are also made from polymer, so police say it is important to check the security features to ensure the bills you receive are real.

"Counterfeiters will always try to do this because of the value of the notes. Please don't stop looking just because we have the best notes in the world," said Pound.

Several fakes of the $100 bill have already been spotted in B.C. In May, police in New Westminster said two counterfeit $100 bills were found at a local business and a major bank.

Police say the real bills clearly shows the flag and rooftop of Parliament Hill's East Block in the hologram window, along with the number 100, repeated several times.

But on the counterfeit $100 bills, the 100, the rooftop, and the flag are clearly not present, said New Westminster police Sgt. Diana McDaniel.