05/29/2013 06:03 EDT | Updated 07/29/2013 05:12 EDT

Brampton feels effects of strong winds

While Toronto was dealing with flooding on the Don Valley Parkway, nearby Brampton was trying to figure out if it had been hit by a tornado.

Buildings were badly damaged during the same storm.

Environment Canada investigators were at the scene on Wednesday.

"Strong winds associated with a thunder storm brought higher level winds to the surface and people in the area reported a couple of minutes of very strong violent winds," said Mitchell Meredith of Environment Canada.

Meredith believes it was likely a downburst, not a tornado, that caused this damage, but he also points out that only wind gusts of about 90 km/h could have left this kind of destruction.

The storm toppled trees, tore down branches, ripped out street signs and also damaged cars.