05/29/2013 01:39 EDT | Updated 07/29/2013 05:12 EDT

Plans to control pigeon population in Trail scrapped

The City of Trail, B.C., has scrapped its plans to either euthanize, sterilize or relocate its pigeon population.

At a meeting this week, Coun. Sean Mackinlay said the city rejected one last proposal for dealing with the town’s pigeons.

He says many of Trail’s resident pigeons have moved on because it's now illegal to feed them — and he’s tired of the issue.

“I think that it has been a large waste of time because it literally was trying to herd pigeons,” he said.

“I understand people’s concern with feces that get dropped all the time, but birds will be birds, and they've moved to the next area where they can find food.”

City hall has been grappling with how to tackle Trail’s pigeon problems for months, going so far as to investigate an American birth control product for the birds.

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The story made national news when a proposal to relocate the pigeons to a sanctuary was scrapped because no such place exists.

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