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Saskatoon Mom Upset Assault Video Posted Online

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A Saskatoon woman whose daughter's beating was put on Facebook is expressing frustration about how difficult it can be to get such videos deleted.

"The fact that she's having to relive it, it breaks my heart," the mother told CBC News.

The mom says police should be able to force people to remove videos from social media and if tougher laws are required to support such moves, then that's what's should happen.

The family has been distraught since May 6 when the 15-year-old girl was enjoying the sunshine in a park on the city's east side and she was approached by another 15-year-old girl.

The second girl began cursing at and berating the first girl, told her to get down on her knees and started punching her.

"Her fist was clenched and she was punching me on the head and all over my body," the victim told CBC news. "I had bruises up both my arms and bumps on my head and I got a concussion from it."

Profane insults directed at victim

As bad as the physical toll was, the experience was also emotionally traumatic, she added, made worse by the appearance of a video of the beating on Facebook.

"It did make it a lot worse," the victim said. "In a way it's embarrassing, but at the same time, at least my actual friends and my true friends were there for me."

The mother says the video was posted to the Facebook account of the alleged assailant within two hours of the attack.

"Next time don't be a slut and this won't happen," a comment next to the video said.

There were a series of additional comments containing rude and profane insults directed against the victim.

1 person charged with assault

Her family called the police and one person has been charged with assault and theft under $5,000. Because the girls are minors, no names can be published.

The accused appeared in court today and the case was adjourned until June 6. When the accused entered the courthouse, she told CBC News that she was scared and that she has removed the video from Facebook and her phone.

But the victim's mother said she can still see the video online. While the accused said it was taken down from the original Facebook page, it was shared with other people and continues to be available online, she said.

Police can't delete Facebook content

The mothers said she asked police to have it taken down and was told that was beyond their powers.

"It's alarming that there's no legislation in place to help victims that had been assaulted and when the assault is recorded and posted on social media, there's no protocol in place," she said. "There's nothing for the police to follow to help expedite the process to stop the victims from being re-victimized time and time again."

In Saskatchewan, there have been court cases in recent years where judges have ordered online materials to be taken down, but it's not clear how effective those orders have been.

Earlier this year, Premier Brad Wall said he'd like to see Ottawa bring in tougher laws against cyberbullying.

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