05/30/2013 01:05 EDT | Updated 07/30/2013 05:12 EDT

Roncesvalles 'bump outs' get thumbs down from cyclists

When the city redesigned and rebuilt Roncesvalles Avenue in the city's west end, it tried an experiment with new bike lanes. And while the city and the TTC say they're happy with the design, cyclists, pedestrians and TTC users are not.

Cyclist Tim May is frustrated with the so-called "bump outs," elevated concrete platforms that run only in front of streetcar stops along Roncesvalles.

"Some urban planner did not get this right," said May.

The bump outs create a 10- to 20 metre-long stretch at each streetcar stop where the bike lane double as a place where transit users can board the streetcar.

'Bump outs' create confusion

Cyclist Jonathan Armstrong says the bump outs are creating problems.

"A lot of people, when they're waiting for the streetcar, they don't notice that it's a cyclists' lane too — even though it's painted."

Pedestrians and commuters "stand in the middle of the lane," said Armstrong.

The city's cycling infrastructure manager, Daniel Egan, was surprised to hear the complaints. He said pedestrians are supposed to cross the cycling path in order to get on the streetcar.

TTC user Kirsten Almon is confused, too. "It seems like a place people could walk but if someone is flying down the street, you'd have to run and get out of the way."

"When you're going for the streetcar — or just stepping out to see if it's coming — it could be a dangerous situation," said Chris Merchant.

The bump outs are the first of their kind in the city.

Both the TTC and the city say they are happy with them, though there are no plans to build others like them.