05/31/2013 05:55 EDT | Updated 07/31/2013 05:12 EDT

Dead eagles likely ate bodies of euthanized animals

Veterinarians in B.C. are being warned to dispose of euthanized animals properly after a Kamloops investigation revealed two bald eagles were killed by a drug used for euthanization.

The two birds — along with three other eagles that were sick but survived — were found near the Mission Flats landfill not far from Kamloops in late March.

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"Lab tests show a drug used to euthanize animals was found in all five eagles, " said Tara Geiger, with the B.C. Wildlife Park in Kamloops.

"[The drug] can only be used by a veterinarian, but sometimes there may be improperly disposed of animals."

Geiger said it's possible the bodies weren't buried deep enough.

The B.C. Wildlife Park has now sent notices to local veterinary clinics reminding them to dispose of animals properly.