06/01/2013 08:59 EDT | Updated 08/01/2013 05:12 EDT

Louise Harel gets vote of confidence from party

Despite a recent rash of defections from her party, Vision Montreal leader Louise Harel received the support of 95 per cent of her party today in a confidence vote.

That means she’ll stay on as leader of the party and be its official mayoralty candidate in the November election.

“Montrealers who had their last election stolen from them because of dirty money, collusion, who had millions stolen from them through inflated contracts, what they expect from us are solutions to reboot Montreal,” Harel told her party earlier Saturday at a party convention.

Vision Montreal was counting on the convention to boost the party’s energy — the party only has 12 elected officials at City Hall since the defections of Chantal Rouleau, Suzanne Décarie and Gilles Déziel to mayoralty candidate Denis Coderre’s camp.

Elaine Ayotte, who’s responsible for culture at the city’s executive committee, is also uncertain of her future with Vision Montreal and city politics.

She said she was solicited by Projet Montreal’s Richard Bergeron, as well as Denis Coderre. She said she may also join a different party, or may not run at all on Nov. 3.