As soon as the weather gets remotely nice, there aren't too many places better in Toronto than a patio with a cold beer or a pitcher of sangria. Of course there are plenty of dodgy patios in the city: those with rickety plastic chairs, bad beer or are barely bigger than a small beach towel. We say, these are unacceptable!

We want you, dear reader, to enjoy each and every precious summer afternoon (or evening) on a patio. To help, we've picked out some of the city's best patios. From grungy but friendly neighbourhood locals to opulent hotel rooftops, here are some of our faves.

For People Watching
The Black Bull

There's no surer sign of spring than the Torontonians flocking to the Black Bull's patio. The bar's expansive patio overlooks Queen Street West so it's a prime people watching spot.

Runner up: Biermarkt

Best Rooftop
Park Hyatt

Toronto might not have Vancouver's natural beauty but from the rooftop patio of the Park Hyatt it looks pretty darn great. Located on the 18th floor of this ritzy Yorkville hotel, the rooftop bar also makes a great date spot.

Runners up: Panorama Lounge, The Pilot

For Grunge Lovers
Ronnie's Local

Ronnie's has one of Kensington Market's most popular patios. You can even order a grilled cheese from across the street and they'll bring it to your table. If your small group snags a picnic table please play nice and share it. Make some new friends.

Runner up: Sweaty Betty's

People Watching (Fancy Edition)
La Societe
This two-level patio just a few steps away from Yorkville is the closest you'll get to being on a Parisian sidewalk. A few quick glasses of wine would also help that illusion.

Runner up: One

Best Patio If You Care About Your Beer
Bar Volo

Bar Volo is one of the most important places for beer in the city. Enjoy a great heffeweizen, pilsner or other great summer beer on their patio off Yonge St. On Monday's the bar has a $5 pint special which is a must if you're dying to try some of the great Canadian beers on offer.

Runner up: The Victory Cafe, the Only Cafe

Best Patio Near The Lake
Against the Grain
Just a stones throw from Sugar Beach, Against the Grain, is a welcome oasis in one of the Toronto's newer lakefront areas. Bonus points for being an absolutely ginormous patio.

Runner up: The Rectory Cafe

Best Patio For Wine
Crush Wine Bar
Located right in bustling King St. West, Crush might just be one of the best wine bars in the city. Tack on a charming patio and you've got a perfect place to sip your wine outside.

Runner up: Ciao Wine Bar

Best Patio For Winter
Ceili Cottage
Yes, it's still months away but if you must drink outside in the winter months, the Ceili Cottage is probably one of the better bets. The owners build a little skating rink for you. There's even a yurt.

Runner up: Really? It's winter... stay inside.

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