06/10/2013 09:33 EDT

Nicole Richie Instagram Pic: Wears Controversial Native American Headpiece (PHOTO)

Nicole Richie is known for taking fashion risks but the former "Simple Life" star may have taken her style a bit too far in an Instagram photo she took over the weekend.

Joel Madden's wife snapped a pic of herself and a friend wearing a Native American-style feathered headband and standing in front of a teepee.

Richie captioned the pic: "Another Saturday Night."

While some of the 31-year-old's Instagram fans loved her look, others were appalled.

"Oh why?!" said one, while another defended the "Candidly Nicole" star saying "Looks like u girls were having fun! Only in America u can think this is offensive. Please..."

This isn't the first time that Paris Hilton's ex bff courted controversy. The mom-of-two posted a similar photo in 2010, which showed the jewelry designer sitting on the floor wearing a long feathered headdress.

Other celebs have taken heat for their culturally insensitive outfits: Rock band No Doubt had to pull their 'Cowboys and Indians'-themed video after receiving complaints from the Native American community and Victoria's Secret was forced to apologize after they sent a model down their runway wearing Native American garb.

Even "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star Khloe Kardashian has been snapped in a similar looking feathered headpiece.

What do you think of Nicole Richie's outfit? Is it culturally insensitive to the Native American community?

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