When one door closes, another opens.

That popular statement couldn't be more true for former marine Alex Minsky, who lost his leg in Afghanistan and became a successful underwear model after his recovery.

Three years ago, a roadside bomb tore off the bottom half of the Venice Beach-native's right leg, which left him in a coma for 47 days before being honourably discharged from the army.

After a bout with drinking and depression stalled the tattooed 24-year-old, who is a recipient of the Purple Heart, Minsky sobered up and started working out. It was at the gym where he met a photographer who would change the course of his life.

“I go to the gym twice a day, I’m very healthy," Minksy told GuySpy. "The first photographer approached me as I was leaving the place. At first I thought it was just another gay guy hitting on me.”

But it wasn't until Los Angeles-based photographer Michael Stokes took a photo of a nearly nude Minsky (which subsequently got taken down by Facebook for violating their nudity rules), that his career started taking off.

Now, the brunette hottie is trying to inspire others to never give up on their dreams even in the face of tragedy.

"Just because I don't have a leg doesn't mean it's going to slow me down," Minsky said. "I want people to look at me and not give up. Not quit."

alex minsky

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