06/20/2013 07:45 EDT | Updated 08/20/2013 05:12 EDT

Man arrested trying to float stolen dock to Saint John

The Fredericton Rowing Club has its nine-metre-long dock back after a 65-year-old male was caught by police trying to float it down to Saint John.

Fredericton Police Sgt. Paul Battis said the marine unit discovered the dock 13 kilometres down the St. John River, across from the Nevers Road.

“Once they recovered the dock, there was a 65-year-old male alongside of the dock, he was subsequently arrested for theft of the dock,” he said.

The man will appear in court on Thursday morning facing charges related to the dock’s theft, breaching a court order and being in possession of a controlled drug.

Battis said the man was questioned by police on Wednesday after the dock was found and he said he had hoped to get much further down the river with the stolen dock.

“He indicated to us that he was headed to Saint John and he was going to use the dock to get there,” Battis said.

It took the police four hours to tow the nine-metre-long dock back to the Fredericton Aquatic Centre, where it had been stolen.

The dock was used by the Fredericton Rowing Club and there were concerns the theft could cause the organization to cancel its learn-to-row program.

Without the dock, athletes would have had to walk their boats into the water and the club said they couldn’t get the younger rowers into a boat without the dock.

The club is located behind the Victoria Health Centre and broken glass and needles have been found on the shoreline in the area.

The dock is made up of more than 70 modular cubes, each costing nearly $100.

Battis said the police believe the dock was returned in “good order.”

“I understand that [the dock’s theft] would have had quite an impact on the young rowers … good work by the marine unit, [the rowers] were extremely happy to get that,” he said.