06/20/2013 04:13 EDT | Updated 08/20/2013 05:12 EDT

Police killer's move to medium security called 'disgrace'

The man who murdered Windsor police officer John Atkinson has been transferred to medium security facility.

Nikkolas Brennan was 18 when he shot Atkinson in 2006. The off-duty constable tried to stop a drug deal between Brennan and another person when he was met with gunfire.

Brennan was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. Last week, Atkinson's wife was notified Brennan was transferred from Kingston Penitentiary to Warkworth medium security facility.

Shelley Atkinson, who was "shocked" by the news, is outraged. She wants advanced notice of such moves to be made mandatory.

"We didn't get a letter. My mother-in-law got a phone call the day he was transferred," Shelley Atkinson said. "We weren't even aware of the transfer until after the fact."

She said she will contact members of Parliament regarding the matter.

Shelley Atkinson called it "a slap in the face" and "re-victimizes" the family.

"That's not acceptable," Shelley Atkinson said of the move. "I will take this as high as I can possibly take it. My goal is that I want to see life mean life. None of this 25 years.

"Nikkolas Brennan was sentenced to 25 years. We are living a life sentence."

Windsor Police Chief Al Frederick called the move "a disgrace." He was informed of the move through the Windsor Police Association, the union representing officers in Windsor.

"We would have appreciated some communication before the transfer had taken place," Frederick said.

He called it "a boondoggle" and says he will raise the issue at the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police meeting in Peterborough this weekend.

"Nikkolas Brennan is a murderer of a police officer. I can't imagine a person more suited for maximum security," Frederick said.

The Windsor Police Association has written Vic Toews, the Minister of Public Safety to complain.

"[We] ask that you intervene in the recent transfer of Nikkolas Brennan to a medium security facility. We urge you to ensure he is returned to serve his mandatory life sentence in a maximum security facility with no chance of parole," the letter states. "Nikkolas Brennan must be held accountable for his actions. He remains a threat to society and should not benefit from any special treatment. His transfer to a medium security facility not only undermines the seriousness of the offence, but also the ultimate sacrifice John made in his capacity as a police officer."

Jason DeJong, president of the association, wants a response from Toews "as soon as possible."

He said no one was consulted on the move.

"It sends a terrible message," DeJong said. "This sort of offence needs to be denounced."