06/24/2013 07:27 EDT | Updated 08/24/2013 05:12 EDT

Residents want Derry Road drivers to slow down

Residents in the Mississauga neighborhood of Derry Road near Creditview say they’ve had enough of drivers speeding dangerously through their neighbourhood.

On Sunday a car and a motorcycle collided at the intersection of Derry Road and Atwood Lane, sending three people to hospital. The driver of the motorcycle suffered serious injuries after the bike burst into flames.

Michael Alstroms was in a car crash at that same intersection a year ago.

"People are under the impression that they can speed through here and it is a residential area,” he told CBC News.

“They've tried various things here. The police have put up speed signs and the warnings to slow down and that works when it's there, but as soon as they remove it, within another two or three weeks, they're back to normal where they're driving as if it's a highway."

Police say they are aware that the stretch of road is a problem.

Neighbours want more stop signs in between traffic light and more police presence in the area.