06/25/2013 06:43 EDT | Updated 08/25/2013 05:12 EDT

5 summer beers you have to try

Summer is here and if you're looking to quench your thirst, lagers, wheat ales and fruit beers are the way to go according to Rebecca Whyman, the resident craft beer expert for CBC Radio's On the Coast.

Three tips to remember when you're standing in the aisle paralyzed by choice

1. Cold is not a flavour, so Whyman suggests avoiding a beer that advertises it is.

2. Lagers aren't just less yellow fizzy beers. Much maligned in recent history, Whyman says there are some wonderful craft brewed lagers out on the market.

3. Any bottle that has the word "wit" or "weisse" or "weizen" on it is a wheat beer. Whyman explains 'wit' means white in Dutch and in German 'weisse' is white and 'weizen' is wheat. Therefore, wheat = wit = weisse = weizen, more or less. (Hefeweizens are one of the more well-known wheat beers. 'Hefe' means yeast in German.)

Whyman's Picks:

Yaletown Brewing Cassiopeia Wit

Red Racer Raspberry Wheat Ale

Driftwood White Bark Witbier

Vancouver Island Brewing Beachcomber Summer Ale

Stiegl Radler

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