06/27/2013 06:32 EDT | Updated 08/27/2013 05:12 EDT

Heat wave forecast to hit B.C. by Canada Day

B.C.'s soggy weather will come to a dramatic end as the first heat wave of summer washes over the province during the upcoming long weekend, Environment Canada is forecasting.

According to a special weather statement issued on Thursday afternoon, a massive ridge of high pressure will develop on the Canada Day weekend, bringing hot air from the desert southwest of the U.S. up to the B.C. Interior.

Across the province beginning Sunday, afternoon temperatures will rise by a few degrees each day, peaking at nearly 40 degrees in some areas on Tuesday or Wednesday. Many daily maximum temperature records will be set early in the week.

Around Metro Vancouver, "the cool sea-breeze cycle that usually provides relief from the heat will weaken, and from Sunday onward, the temperature of the stagnant air over the South Coast will rise by several degrees each day," said the statement.

"Many daily maximum temperature records will be set Monday and Tuesday as thermometers climb above 32 degrees in many locations. If temperatures are expected to persist in the mid-thirties for more than one day, this special weather statement will be upgraded to an extreme heat-wave advisory for the Lower Mainland forecast," said the statement.

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"The heat-wave will break on Wednesday as cool, fresh marine air spreads inland, lowering afternoon temperatures by 5 to 10 degrees," said the statement.

But until the heat arrives temperatures will remain moderate on Thursday and Friday with the risk of showers. By Saturday afternoon, temperatures will be soaring and the sun will be shining.