Brains, Walking Dead and Rock & Roll: 11 Disturbing Songs About Zombies

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Zombie-mania is running as fast and wild as the super-charged infected that ate (almost) everyone in "28 Days Later." Brad Pitt's "World War Z" is rampaging through global box offices while the PS3 zombie apocalypse game "The Last Of Us" is getting some of the best reviews since, well, last year's "The Walking Dead" game, which was based on the 10-year-old zombie comic that also inspired the hit TV show.

You'd basically have to hide out having pointless arguments at a farm in the middle of nowhere for an entire infuriating television season to avoid the pop-cultural undead these days. And that includes not listening to music because zombies have somehow lurched their way in there, too.

So in honor of all of this horrific hoopla, we've compiled a list of the best -- or, at the very least, most disturbing -- songs about zombies. Read on...we dare you!

11 Disturbing Songs About Zombies
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