06/28/2013 05:19 EDT | Updated 08/28/2013 05:12 EDT

Petition would crown comic Stephen Colbert king of Canada

Funnyman Stephen Colbert has had a special relationship with Canada over the years, referring to Canadians as "ice-holes" and "syrup suckers" and calling Windsor the "Earth's rectum."

Now one group wants to mend fences by making Colbert our nation’s head of state.

The advocacy group Democracy Watch has launched an online petition to elect the comedian King of Canada.

"We need an elected head of state, so why not start with our favourite friend, Stephen Colbert?" the petition reads. "He gets us. Buys his milk in bags. He’s truthy, and he lives right next door."

The group hopes to collect 10,000 signatures and persuade Colbert to come to Parliament Hill later this summer, where he will presumably be crowned king.

The tongue-in-cheek campaign, launched just in time for Canada Day weekend, is intended to spark discussion about the country’s constitutional monarchy. Queen Elizabeth is officially Canada’s formal head of state, and she is represented by the governor general — currently David Johnston — an appointed position.

"We need Canadians to come together in support of an elected head of state who has the democratic authority to enforce the constitution and uphold the public interest," Tyler Sommers, co-ordinator of Democracy Watch, said in a press release.

"Queen Elizabeth and her representatives are purely symbolic officials who don’t have the legitimate democratic power needed to stop abuses of power and lead our country."

This isn’t the first attempt to lure the U.S. comedian to this side of the border. Last year, the chair of Windsor’s business association unsuccessfully tried to convince Colbert to take part in the city’s parade with a gift basket of Canadian goodies.