06/28/2013 10:11 EDT | Updated 08/28/2013 05:12 EDT

Pierrefonds councillor steers residents toward carpooling

Montrealers love their cars, but don’t necessarily want to share them, according to a recent Statistics Canada study that finds more of us are driving to work while fewer are opting to carpool.

But borough councillor Catherine Clément-Talbot is trying to steer Montrealers in another direction by leading by example.

“I’ll ask other people in the borough, ‘Are you going downtown today? Are you going tomorrow? When do you leave?’ So I can leave my car at the borough and go with the other borough councillors or madame the mayor,” she said.

Though she admitted she can’t carpool every day, it’s become the Pierrefonds-Roxboro borough councillor’s new mission over the past nine months.

“I’ll even take a bus afterwards. I’ll carpool and I’ll take a bus to go back home,” she said.

Her borough has partnered with, a website launched to help connect people who want to commute in groups.

But not many Pierrefonds residents have signed up yet.

“It’s about a hundred. Not too bad,” she said.

Although it’s a problem that stretches all across the country with more Canadians driving to work alone, Montrealers are the worst offenders.

The Statistics Canada study ranks Montreal in last place among major cities when it comes to carpooling, while Ottawa leads the pack .

Toronto and Vancouver both sit in the middle.

But Clément-Talbot isn’t giving up. The next step for her borough is to install carpool lanes, in addition to promoting the carpooling website.

“I’m aiming for more. And there’s always room for improvement,” she said.