07/02/2013 11:56 EDT | Updated 09/01/2013 05:12 EDT

Castlegar residents want city to stop using pesticides

A group of residents in Castlegar, B.C., is calling on the city to stop using pesticides on city-managed playing fields and parks.

The group, Citizens for a Pesticide-Free Castlegar, recently handed council a petition with over 1,000 signatures.

“We would like the city of Castlegar and Parks and Rec to stop using pesticides completely in parks and green spaces and playing fields,” said group member Melissa Cline. “We like them to stop spraying immediately.”

Coun. Deb MacIntosh says the city has been working on a plan to stop using pesticides, and this may speed up the process.

“It would be nice to stop altogether but I think there might be some compromise with the group on where we planned on stopping in the future.”

McIntosh says Castlegar uses pesticides sparingly, mostly on ball fields, and is looking at ways to phase out the use of pesticides while still controlling broad leaf and other weeds.