07/02/2013 10:07 EDT | Updated 09/01/2013 05:12 EDT

"Oh man... this is happening now"

Kyle Cawdell makes a living as a teacher, but he took on some unexpected medical duties when his wife went into labour and they delivered their first child at home.

Cawdell was just wrapping up his last day teaching this school year, when his wife, Glynis, texted him to buy some snacks for "labour food." Since the couple's baby was due in another two weeks, Cawdell was surprised to find out his wife was already in labour.

"She was screaming into the phone for me to come home," Kyle told Matthew Lazin-Ryder on CBC Radio One's On the Coast.

"When I did get home, I busted through the door, and Glynis — my wife — was on the toilet already, and I could see the top of that baby's head as soon as I got in the door," he said.

Cawdell then called the maternity clinic at the Langley Memorial Hospital, but he was told to call 911 instead given his wife's advanced state of delivery. The new father put the 911 operator on speakerphone so both he and his wife could hear the instructions, as the operator counselled them on how to deliver the baby.

"We just locked eyes and were like, 'oh man, this is happening right now,'" Cawdell said.

Glynis delivered the newborn minutes after the Cawdells hung up the phone. A few minutes later, both an ambulance and a fire truck arrived at the house, but not before Kyle Cawdell tied off the umbilical cord.

"The only thing I could think of was some burlap twine," he said. "The doctor at the hospital thought that was pretty entertaining."

Kyle, Glynis and baby Alice just had their first official visit with a doctor — everyone is doing fine.

With files from the CBC's Tim Dickert. You can follow him @TheTimDickert

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