It is an iconic event that launches Calgary's most iconic 10 days.

The Calgary Stampede parade is the first main event of the annual festival and it takes 12 months of preparation - as soon as one is done and wrapped, preparations start for the next one.

The parade, which winds its way through downtown Calgary, requires 7,500 volunteer hours to pull off and is the most watched event of the entire Stampede.

Click through the gallery below read about some of the most amazing facts about the Stampede parade.

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  • 400,000

    The number of people who will stand, sit or kneel along the parade route to take in the show. According to the Stampede, that’s more cowboys and cowgirls than take in the rodeo, Rangeland Derby and Grandstand Show combined over all 10 days of the Calgary Stampede.

  • 2 Million

    The number of people who will watch the parade regionally and nationally on television.

  • He's A Natural

    This year's parade marshal, William Shatner, knows his way around horses. Shatner raises American Saddlebreds, a breed dating back to the American Revolution. Shatner rode his mare, Great Belles of Fire, when he played Captain Kirk in Star Trek Generations. "I really am into horses....I ride and compete <a href="" target="_blank">looking for a blue ribbon</a>," he told HuffPost earlier this year.

  • 2 Hours

    The time it takes for the parade to pass any one point on the route.

  • 750

    The number of horses that take part in the parade.

  • 3,000

    The number of humans who participate as part of the Calgary Stampede parade's 167 entries.

  • 2 Tons

    The amount of manure animals will create throughout the course of the parade.

  • 40 Years

    The length of time some Stampede volunteers have been helping organize the parade.

  • Famous Folk

    To celebrate the 50 year anniversary in 1962, the Stampede procured Dale Evans and Roy Rogers to ride in the parade.

  • 75,000

    The amount of people the first ever Stampede parade, which at the time was called Frontier Days and Cowboy Championship. Attendance for the ‘country fair’ clocked in at 100,294, double Calgary’s population at that time.

  • 12 Feet

    The height that Stampede floats must not exceed – otherwise they’d get stuck under Calgary’s Plus 15 walk way system.

  • 2 P.M.

    The time the day before the Stampede parade that spectators have been known to camp out along the route in order to get a good seat.

  • Continue through for photos of the 2013 Calgary Stampede parade.

  • Great sign at the #Calgary #Stampede parade!

  • Chris Hadfield on the route

    One horsepower - Jag and I are ready to ride!

  • The Outriders are down at the Stampede Parade this morning

  • Um.. Why?

  • @Premier_Redford gets on her horse, Butch -- she's ready to ride + this parade is about to start!

  • Chris Hadfield: the only guy here more popular than Nenshi.

  • Cowboy hats instantly make cops 100% hotter. #stampede

  • Fever of #stampede. Ppl going to observe the parade. #stampede101

  • The star of the show has arrived = Chris Hadfield.

  • Nenshi is ready to start the #StampedeParade

  • I guess these seats are saved?!? #stampedeparade #stampede

  • #awesome line dancing by the chinook country line dancing club! #stampede is here! Yeehaw!!!!

  • Something you never see in Toronto..Calgary Police on #Stampede Parade route giving kids photo ops on the motorbikes.

  • People begin to line the parade route

  • Roughly 250,000 people expected to take in #Stampede101 parade

  • Here we go Hell or High Water

  • Kinda love the teepees on the Bow. Brilliant!

  • She's a way better rider than I am! Great to see @premier_redford at the parade!

  • PM Stephen Harper awaits the beginning of the #Stampede101 parade.

  • Calgary, stand up. Your first responders' passing.

  • YAHOO!

  • Cultures colliding @nmc_canada with Mexico at pre parade prep. The party's already started

  • Cue the parade!!!

  • We’re marching the @calgarystampede parade this morning!

  • @calgaryeconomic & @capp crew hosting global biz leaders today @ Greatest Show on Earth.

  • We’re in the #CSparade101.

  • Honoured to have met and play a tune for parade marshal @Cmdr_Hadfield & his beautiful wife today!

  • #dancinginthestreets halfway through the @calgarystampede parade!

  • new11

    Loving all the floats @calgarystampede #stampede101 #yyc #lovethiscity

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Date 2012 2013 2013 Total
Sneak-A-Peek 39,028 26,866 26,866
Friday, July 5 108,455 67,615 94,501
Saturday, July 6 135,252 92,270 186,771
Sunday, July 7 184,483 146,446 333,217
Monday, July 8 103,480 63,453 396,670
Tuesday, July 9 121,548 115,169 511,839
Wednesday, July 10 139,608 124,447 635,341
Thursday, July 11 103,648 142,905 738,989
Friday, July 12 152,729 127,045 866,034
Saturday, July 13 171,715 143,744 1,009,778

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A horse has died following Friday's chuckwagon races at the Calgary Stampede, officials have confirmed.

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chuckwagon horse dies

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A family friend and agent of a bull rider injured at the Calgary Stampede says the cowboy has fractured vertebrae and a broken jaw.

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With just four days left to take in the 101st Calgary Stampede, and with the blessing of nice weather, day seven at the Calgary Stampede turned out to be a beautiful one.

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calgary stampede

Credit: The Huffington Post Alberta

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Famous people love to visit the Calgary Stampede.

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william and kate calgary

Credit: AP

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A cowboy had to be rushed to hospital after being stomped in the back by a bull during an event at the Calgary Stampede.

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horse shaming

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It was Kids' Day at the Calgary Stampede today.

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The Calgary Stampede reports a steer had to be euthanized after sustaining a severe injury.

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We're talking booze-induced headaches and gut rot. Here are some of the foods we think might help.

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Barney the Big Purple Dinosaur is celebrating his 25th birthday at the Calgary Stampede this year.

Man, we feel old....


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The folks at the Calgary Stampede had a lot of fun last year playing with their deep-fryer. Check out videos of their adventures in deep-frying (including a belt buckle, hat and cowboy boots.)

calgary stampede

(Photo: Calgary Stampede)

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Not quite the lineup like there was yesterday, but many more people on grounds for Kids' Day. It's going to be a scorcher!

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Royal couple praise Stampede spirit, Canadians' resilience.

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A family that dresses together stays together!

Find photos from the fifth day of the Calgary Stampede here.

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Tomorrow's forecast is supposed to be even warmer than today, so we recommend you head down early to beat the crowds. This photo shows yesterday's line up at 9:15 a.m. compared to today's line up at 9:30 a.m.

calgary stampede

(Photo: HuffPost Alberta)

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