07/12/2013 05:28 EDT | Updated 09/11/2013 05:12 EDT

Blind Langley golfer seeking third championship title

A 74-year-old blind golfer from Langley, B.C., is getting ready to tee off against 27 of the world's best blind golfers.

It is George Thirkill's fifth time competing in the Canadian Blind Golf Open Championship, and he's hoping to win his third title.

"I'm a golfer who doesn't see well. Not somebody who doesn't see well who plays golf," said Thirkill, who practices at least three days a week.

The rules for blind golf are the same as sighted golf.

Thirkill's coach, Jason Rite, helps him line up shots and find the ball after it lands. The rest, says Rite, is mental.

"The way he feels the golf club and the way he feels when he hits the ball. He can tell me right away where the ball goes," Rite said. "Sometimes I don't even have to say anything."

Thirkill will compete in the tournament starting August 11 in Port Alberni.