Calgary Robber Knocked Out By Baseball Bat, Video Surveillance Shows (VIDEO)

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CALGARY - A baseball bat, a stool and a couple of burly firemen were waiting for some would-be thieves who tried to rob a jewelry store in northwest Calgary.

Surveillance video from the store has surfaced on the Internet, showing a pair of young men in hoodies walk into the store with crowbars and start to threaten staff and customers.

However, someone behind the counter clocks one of the thieves with a baseball bat and while his buddy tries to drag him out of the store, a customer wielding a stool at the door prevents him from leaving.

Somebody else then takes a swing with the bat, though one of the thieves manages to get away.

The remaining, disoriented thief is then subdued by a passing group of firefighters who pin him to the ground until police could arrive.

Police made an arrest and charges were laid.

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