Usually marriage proposal tears are joyful, but the waterworks at this Saint John, N.B., pitch were of pure fear.

Ben Vienneau recently proposed to his girlfriend Marcia Belyea in a fake arrest scenario that some might see as more than a little mean.

Luckily, Viennau had a good reason. Saint John radio station Country 94 is running a $20,000 contest for the wildest wedding proposals and Belyea had joked about wanting to win.

Viennau recruited his police officer brother-in-law to pull over Belyea and pretend that she was going to go to jail over unpaid fines, according to CBC. After bringing her to tears, the officer said he would let her off if she agreed to marry Viennau. She was quick to say yes

While the video clearly stands a good shot of winning the cash, it does have some stiff competition. You can view the Top 10 on Country 94's Facebook page and choose your favourite. Voting ends Wednesday.

Do you think this proposal was cute or cruel? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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