CALGARY - A Calgary police officer has shot a dog during a traffic stop after the dog leapt through a window and bit him.

Police say a female officer had pulled over a vehicle for speeding when she became suspicious of the occupants and called for backup.

One of three dogs in the suspect vehicle jumped through an open window and lunged at the second officer, biting him in the abdomen.

The officer shot the dog in the head. It ran away but was later tracked down and taken to a veterinary clinic.

The member who was bitten was wearing a protective vest and was uninjured.

The man and woman in the vehicle were taken into custody but no charges have been laid. The remaining two dogs are in the possession of animal services.

The Calgary police says its major crimes unit will investigate the incident.

Below, HuffPost has assembled a slideshow of cop-shoots-dog incidents from the last several years, as well as the results of our efforts to see if the police departments involved provide training in the handling of dogs.
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When a neighbor spotted Rosie, a Newfoundland, running into traffic in November 2010, she called the police to come help the dog. Officers from the Des Moines, Wash., Police Department said that when they cornered the dog in a neighbor's backyard, she appeared threatening. One officer shot her four times, killing her. The neighbor in whose backyard Rosie was shot told KOMO news, "I was shocked to see an assault rifle. I was shocked to see three police officers aiming their guns at a dog that was a huge dog, but I mean the dog was no threat." The officers were cleared of wrongdoing.

Training: A police spokesman wouldn't say if officers get dog-related training, saying only that the department always calls the city animal control department to handle calls involving dogs. He wouldn't say why animal control wasn't called in this case.